You're a team leader, but nobody trained you for this!

Does managing a team exhaust you?

Do you feel stressed day and night?

Not sure what to do with team dramas?

Hi! I'm Roz, and I understand.

My mission is to help develop extraordinary healthcare teams that transform the lives of managers, employees and patients, and make a positive impact in 10,000 communitites world-wide.

Have you ever found yourself saying...

  • Why won't people just do what I ask?
  • I don't really know what I'm doing, nobody's trained me for this!
  • I'm tired of having to sort out team conflicts all the time.
  • Why is this employee being so difficult?
  • I feel really overwhelmed with everything I have to do each day!

Have you then tried to find a solution, BUT...

  • I don't have time to attend 2 days of training!
  • I forget the good things I learn in workshops before I need to use them.
  • I'm not intertested in certifications or exams, they are too stressful.
  • I want to talk things through with other people before I try new things.
  • I find too much theory overwhelming, and not at all practical.
  • Most programs don't understand what it's like in healthcare!

Engage Your Healthcare Leadership is here to help!

  • Management and leadership focussed.
  • Practical, short online courses designed for healthcare managers.
  • Community discussions and webinars to gain fast advice.
  • Access to a facilitator with vast experience in healthcare.
  • Membership-based for 24/7 access and exclusive community.

What does Membership include?

Course modules

Topics include:

Leadership, Management, Customer service, Change, Teams, Coaching, Stress, Conflict, Interviewing. 

Each course has several easy to digest, short modules.

New modules added regularly.

 Workbooks & templates

Workbooks to download, print and use alongside the modules. 

Separate templates to download for later use.

Checklists and handouts.

Community forums

Ask questions, share ideas, celebrate success. 

Customise your member's page, keep track of topics, manage your settings.

We even have a deicated 'chill' zone for quick relaxation breaks.

Monthly webinars

Access to twice monthly Q&As/webinars for more learning and discussion with our expert facilitator. Questions answered live!

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"Roz, through her tools and resources has given me an opportunity to engage my leadership potential that has positively impacted on the way I approach many and varied issues in the work place. I feel like I have a pocket full of tools that I can access at any's a very reassuring feeling." - Kath, RN 

"When challenges and debates in the workplace occur and professional attitudes collide, there can be aligning of staff, people positioning themselves, and a whole raft of behaviours that occur as professional relationships deteriorate. Faced with the anxiety and the overwhelming feelings of doubt, self belief and confusion as to what is occurring, where do you go and who do you seek to get some understanding, some insight and some perspective? Engage Your Healthcare Leadership is an independent, reliable resource that explores team dynamics and gives insight into the issues individuals face when confronted with each other's behaviours."

- KH, Registered Nurse

"I highly recommend the Community to any new leader or manager, or anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills and understanding. The resources available are invaluable and we should all be lucky enough to learn from Roz!"  

- Jeni, General Practice Manager

Our facilitator and founder, Roz.

Hi! I'm Roz.  

Having worked in the healthcare industry for 25 years, I know how rewarding, and also how demanding, it can be. 

I started out in veterinary practice - thrown in the deep end as a new graduate. A time of sink or swim. New career, new town, new life. It sounds like a dream come true!  

Yet I soon found out that it was tough. 

I'm on a mission to make it easier for healthcare leaders through the power of self-awareness, self-development, and leadership application.  

Healthcare is where my heart lies. I am passionate about growing leaders in healthcare.

My vision is for stronger healthcare teams, enhanced healthcare culture and as a result, optimal healthcare outcomes.

Read more of Roz's story...

A supportive community, informative courses and practical resources.

We are dedicated to providing you easy access to learning, so that you can increase your confidence, and do the great job you want to!  

Membership to our Community means that you can learn at your own pace, choose the topics that matter to you, and ask advice from people who know your world.

No more sitting in boring, full day training workshops that don't tailor to your needs!

No more forgetting what you learnt as soon as you walk out of a workshop - we are here 24/7 and you can come back as often as you like to a topic.

No exams, no pressure, no assignments.

Just practical courses, easy-to-implement ideas, and discussion forums giving you fast advice and support when you need it most.

What can you achieve with this membership?

With your membership, you will have access to informative courses, practical resources, and a supportive community. As you access the materials, complete the workbooks, and chat in the forums, we know that your dedication will pay off. So that you can:

  • Feel equipped to handle the issues that trouble you.
  • Navigate the workplace with confidence.
  • Better manage and lead your team and projects.
  • Communicate with impact and build a productive team.
  • Get organised and plan for the future.
  • Achieve your leadership dreams.